Leads Generated

Fast-Track Facebook & Instagram Campaign

No need for any system set up, we will take care of everything.

Over 2,000 applications in 30 days
Over 125 new applications in first 24 hours
Unleash the power of Social Media Campaigns

Reach Passive Candidates

We know that 68% of candidates available on the recruitment market are not actively searching for jobs, but they will consider a new position if it arises. Job boards don't work anymore, then how to attract them?
A targeted Social Media Campaign is the answer.
Send us your job description and we will create a targeted campaign for you in 24 hours. Results guaranteed


How does the Fast-Track Campaign work?

This campaign aims to get your jobs up and visible to potential candidates as soon as possible. This is why we are offering an easy setup. No more marketing agency nonsense - no contracts, no wasting time on strategies, and pointless meetings.
For us, the goal is clear - getting quality and relevant candidates applying for your role.
Everything you need to do is to send us your job description and answer some basic questions about the role. We will do the rest.

Advertising from trusted Facebook and Instagram Account

Not every business has credible and established Social Media accounts. No technical setup and no access to your accounts are required. This is why all the Fast-Track Campaigns are running from our Social Media Channels. If you want to run your campaign from your branded account, please contact us.

Advertising budget included in Fast-Track Campaign

This is the only campaign we offer that the budget is already included in the price. The Fast-Track Campaign is set up for 7 days, with £ 200 allocated budget. After 7 days, you can decide if you would like to top up your budget and continue the campaign.

Constant Optimization

Social Media Campaigns require constant optimization. We are monitoring ad performance and trends every day, and when we see we can optimize content, audience, or placements, we do. With no extra fees.

Recruitment Strategy Recommendation

While your campaign is up and running, we will send you recruitment strategy recommendations based on the ads' performance and the number of applications. It is up to you if you decide to switch to the monthly plans where you have better control over ad spending, and more features and advertising channels available.

The fastest way to fill your position

Leads Generation Campaign

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Our creative team will design optimized content for each advertising placement
Our copywriters will make sure the job description, headlines, and CTA are fit for it's purpose.
We will use our "CV Hunt" Facebook and Instagram Accounts to reach your potential candidates.
Full Transparency - Live reporting available from the first day
Candidates will fill in a form directly on Facebook or Instagram to make sure we catch their details "in a moment"
Your Recruitment Team will receive candidates' details via email as soon they apply

Over 100 campaigns managed in the last 12 months

Not sure yet? See our Customer Success Case Studies.

Technical Details

If you want to boost the number of new applications for your role, this is the way of moving forward. This will work for all industries and all types of roles.

Advertising Channels

Facebook and Instagram

Campaign Type

Leads Generation Campaign, Employment Ad


We can create a campaign in any language


Gender and age targeting is not available


£ 200 - Ad spend
£ 99 - Setup fee
7 Days Campaign

Who should use this campaign?

No matter if you are an independent recruiter, a small business straggling to find the right talent with no HR team, or a large employer with ongoing recruitment needs.

Small Business looking for new talent

If the job board is not bringing you enough candidates and you want to fill the position fast, we will help you explore new channels.

Recruitment Agency

We help recruitment agencies to attract candidates right. Tell us which jobs are hard to fill and we will showcase your jobs to the relevant talent pool.

Independent Recruiter

You are specializing in recruitment, but not in marketing? There is nothing wrong with it! We will do the creation and target your desired candidates.

Large Employer

We know how it is, your business is growing fast, but struggling to get the best talent to join your brand. We will create a tailored recruitment campaign for you.

Customer Success Case Study

No matter what we say, the number will explain it better.

Call Center Advisors

- 35 successful candidates to be inducted asap for Call Centre positions in Birmingham
708 new applications received within 7 days campaign

- 20 successful candidates to be inducted asap for Call Centre positions in Nottingham
613 new applications received within 7 days

Java Developers

- 12 successful candidates to be inducted asap for the Java Developer position
57 new applications received within 7 days campaign


- 4 successful candidates to be inducted in 14 days for Customer Operations Officers
42 new applications received within 7 days campaign

- 2 successful candidates are to be inducted in the next 14 days for the Supervisor/ Team Leader role
16 new applications received within 7 days


Danish-Speaking, German-Speaking, English-Speaking Copywriters to work in Malta, for one of the best affiliate network in Europe

Customer Service Advisors

Korean-Speaking, Dutch-Speaking or maybe Turkish-Speaking Customer Service Advisors to work in Financial Sector in Malta

Warehouse Operatives

We created over 400 campaigns for Warehouse Operative positions available across the UK

C and C1 Delivery Drivers

The high demand for delivery drivers in the UK brings many businesses asking for help

Sales Managers

Social Media Campaigns are also working very well for more senior positions, like Sales Managers in any industry

Your Campaign Manager

Meg Brzoska MIRP CertRP

Award winner in the field of volume recruitment innovation and recruitment automation, specializing in building Employer of Choice brands in The UK, Belgium and Malta

10 years of experience in developing and managing overseas and UK recruitment for the largest recruitment agencies in the country. In her portfolio, you can find over 300 high-street brands (including Tesco, Primark, XPO Logistics, ZARA, Loreal, Bernard Matthews, 2 Sisters Group, Deloitte, Coca-Cola, Lufthansa and much more).
Supporting Recruitment Agencies, Independent Recruiters, Large Employers, and Training Providers building Brand Employer of Choice & recruit faster with the best candidate experience standards.
Specializing in strategies increasing recruitment conversion rate using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google and LinkedIn advertising and processes automation.


Certified Media Planner with 12 years of recruitment advertising experience


8 years experience in building Employer Branding Campaigns


4 years experience in advanced recruitment and B2B sales advertising

Fast-Track Facebook and Instagram Campaign

No commitment, no hassle.
Simply order your first campaign with Candidates Attraction, send your job spec, and start receiving new applications.