Build Personal Brand on Facebook

£299.00 £159.00

Unleash the Power of Social Media and Promote Yourself!

Facebook has 32.7 million active users just in the UK and still growing! Then why not use it to build your brand and promote your unique talents and skills?

How to do it? Where to start without any followers, no experience in marketing and without a huge budget to hire an agency to take care of your fun page?

You need a proper strategy for your communication on Facebook.

I will teach you how to grow your Audience with our amazing Unleash the Power of Social Media Programme with guaranteed first 1000 fun page likes in a month!

You will learn how to plan your Digital Media Presence Strategy and how to promote your Brand on Facebook.

After one day workshops, you will have your Facebook Page set up and Secured, know how to create Paid Campaign and understand the differences between objectives and have an understanding of best Facebook practices.

This will allow you to stay consistent in social media and help your brand get recognised.

Program includes:

  • Personal Brand Workbook
  • How to earn money using your Personal Brand
  • Strategy Goals
  • Brand Mission Vision & Values
  • Branding Image (Importance of Profile photo, Cover photo & 1 set up post)
  • Fun page & security
  • Privacy options
  • Your Story
  • Grow your network – Facebook Ads Manager
  • Show must go on – Tell Your Story and how you are helping others