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Innovative Social Media Campaigns for Recruitment

No need for any system set up, we will take care of everything.

Over 2,000 applications in 30 days
Over 125 new applications in first 24 hours
Unleash the power of Social Media Campaigns

Reach Passive Candidates

We know that 68% of candidates available on the recruitment market are not actively searching for jobs, but they will consider a new position if it arises. If job boards don't work anymore, then how to attract them?

A targeted Social Media Campaign is the answer.

Send us your job description and we will create a targeted campaign for you in 24 hours. Results guaranteed

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Candidates generated on Social Media

Who should use Social Media Campaign?

No matter if you are an independent recruiter, a small business straggling to find the right talent with no HR team, or a large employer with ongoing recruitment needs.

Small Business looking for new talent

If the job board is not bringing you enough candidates and you want to fill the position fast, we will help you explore new channels.

Recruitment Agency

We help recruitment agencies to attract candidates right. Tell us which jobs are hard to fill and we will showcase your jobs to the relevant talent pool.

Independent Recruiter

You are specializing in recruitment, but not in marketing? There is nothing wrong with it! We will do the creation and target your desired candidates.

Large Employer

We know how it is, your business is growing fast, but struggling to get the best talent to join your brand. We will create a tailored recruitment campaign for you.

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Not a problem, start with "Modern Recruiter Guide On How To Reach Passive Candidates" and understand the principles of Candidates Attraction Funnel.

How To Attract Passive Candidates
The best way to attract candidates on Facebook and Instagram
How to adapt to Social Recruiting
How To Grow Your Pipeline 24/7 without huge investments
Advertising Creative Guide and Long-term Recruitment Strategy Questionnaire
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