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Attract Candidates Right and Build a Strong Brand using Social Media

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Meg Brzoska founded Candidates Attraction Academy to provide Excellent Social Media and Candidates Attraction Training specialised in Recruitment Industry.

We help Businesses to Attract Candidates Right and Build a Strong Brand by our Unique Social Media Presence Model.

Our Exclusive Social Media Training helped Recruiters across Europe to Recruit thousands Candidates not available anywhere else.

We know that 48% of candidates available on the recruitment market are Millenials… And we know how to attract them!

Our dedicated Social Media Campaigns are generating quality candidate leads with the 23% higher conversion rate to successful candidates than job boards applications.

We run 865 Social Media Campaign for our client last year reaching candidates not available anywhere else. At the same time building positive and fresh content for your audience you can show to your clients you are ahead of your competitors and propose joined Social Media Campaigns as an added value to the business.


I will personally audit your digital media presence to review what's working, what's failing and what can be improved upon across your social media channels.


Unleash the Power of Social Media with Candidates Attraction Workshops

This 6 hours professional programme will help you understand how to apply concepts and best practises to run effective social media campaigns which cover basic & advanced subjects relevant for your business to Unleash the Power of Digital Media & attract more candidates.

Many leading organisations including high street brands, employment businesses and government-funded training providers used this digital media marketing course to train their staff.

Recommended for:

Recruitment consultants
Account Managers
National Managers / Operation Managers
Digital Marketers focused on supporting Employers in recruitment strategies

We can deliver workshops in Birmingham, Northampton or Manchester in exclusive Conference Centre and everything you need to do is to invite your team to be there on time.

What People Say

I can highly recommend candidate attraction academy as after creating my Facebook's site and few post I had about 100 likes just after 2 days. Within 1 week I had 5 clients and I spent pennies on the paid campaigns thanks to the spot on targeting strategy. The company will allow you to gain clients' database in the blink of an eye in the cost effective manner.
Mirek Laskowski
Owner, Linguistics Studies
I enjoyed working with Malgorzata. It's nice to have a self-confident and fair Coach, who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She is both caring and strict in appropriate times, always finding right words suitable for the situation. I have learned a lot from her and it is not only covering working area. She has a wide field of knowledge and is willing to share if you are willing to learn. The kind of Mentor you don't want to let down.
Alina Plunkis
Account Coordinator, Primark
As a Director in one of the largest MLM companies in the world, it is extremely important to be effective at working with Millenials and Generation Z employees. These employees are the future of our company and the experiences and training they receive will help to guide them along their path of success. Meg was extremely professional and attentive to my needs and concerns and provided me with invaluable information how to build young teams, manage them, recognise talents and recruit them. She is an excellent coach and I look forward to working with her more in the future.
Linda Wright
Director, Avon
Powerful, relevant, and exciting Social Media advertising materials. I have literally spent hours going over the recordings after the workshops.
Adam Horansky
Leader, Herbalife
Thank you for your two workshops “Unleash The Power of Social Media - Recruit Passive Candidates” and “Marketing Strategies for Employment" earlier this month. The messages were right on target for the two different audiences. You kept everyone engaged. Your humor was right on target for all who attended. I have heard nothing but positive comments from folks who saw you in action
Tomas Nowakowski
HR Manager, Tesco
Meg is A strong, successful and very smart women' who is my best friend and best mentor in one person. I was looking for new role for a long time; she motivated me not to give up. She told me I must focus on what kind of job I really want, to visualise my dream job and put this all on paper. Exactly where I want to work, how much do I want to get paid for it, what position I am looking for, how I am going to feel there and what kind of people will be around me and everything I can think of… Put this on the wall, believe and feel like you already there. That is the secret, believe. I did all she said. One month later I get the amazing job offer where I can progress, with great money. I accepted an offer and going to work every day with a smile 🙂 Thank you for your support and good advice!
Paulina Michalak
Administration Officer, Engie EC
I was on Meg's free event and she changed my way of thinking about Social Media in a second! I was sure Facebook is not for my business... She helped me set up FB page & ads campaign and next morning I had my new clients coming to my Coffee Shop for the special offers we posted on Facebook. Amazing!
Amanda Thomas
Owner, Cafe Salted Vanilla
My career was not moving forward since I changed from sales into management. I was inexperienced in leadership, and was very resistant to changes. As responsibilities and workload increased, so did my stress levels. Through working with Meg, I now have a much better understanding of myself, and deal with my stress productively. By having a deeper understanding of their my people actions, I am more effective with my staff. I’m not just a better leader, I’m a happier person.
Greg Bergie
Senior Manager, DHL Supply Chain


What if you could do what you love every day?

We are Social Media specialists with a Marketing and Recruitment Background, following new trends, implementing into the business needs.

It is beautiful when a career and passion come together. We are lucky to love what we do, that is why we are actively taking part in Recruitment, Marketing, Globalisation and IT conferences every month staying ahead in a game. You can often meet us on European Recruitment Employment Confederation meetings or hear our voice on industry conferences.

We are teaching Social Media secrets, which your competition may already know! What if you don’t? If you have ever been frustrated, where you can’t get a consistent flow of candidates leads on an ongoing bases, or you have been frustrated because you can’t get social media to work or you are paying fortune to promote your jobs on the job boards, and you can’t get a number of candidates you need, THIS WORKSHOPS ARE MUST FOR YOU!

We can deliver workshops in Birmingham, Northampton or Manchester in exclusive Conference Centre (or your premises) and everything you need to do is to invite your team to be there on time.

"Changing my way of thinking and acting changed everything about my life. It impacted me so positively that I am driven by a deep desire to help others. Candidates Attraction Academy is my way of continuing my education mission and introducing you all to ideas that set me free and ultimately help me & my partners to built well-profitable business. I don’t say that to brag in truth. I don’t believe there is anything fundamentally different or special about me, I just want share what I learned about the wealth & success to help you overshoot your life & business goals in the right way."

~ Creative Director Meg


During the six years of her career, she has been promoted five times and increased her salary by 400% working with major trade brands. She began her adventure as an administrator of a small recruitment agency, and four years later she was the Head of Advertising, Head of National Recruitment Center and she reformed The Overseas Department (recruiting almost 3000 new workers directly from Europe by herself) for the largest recruitment Employment Bussiness in the United Kingdom. She managed a team of 21 amazing people. She introduced and implemented her ideas of modern recruitment using Social Media and Artificial Intelligence to get better quality candidates.

In 2018, she decided to leave the corporate world and set up a consulting business that specialises in training How To Attract Candidates Right and acquire customers thanks to a positive presence in Social Media and team management.

Her mission is to create a positive personal and business brand for her clients in Social Media and show them how to make money on it.

She learned business strategies from the best trainers, such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Gran Cardonne, Gary Vee, Sam Ovens, Matt Grzesiak, finishing best courses to become a successful trainer.

She holds the Recruitment & Employment Confederation diploma, is a member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional. She graduated from the Naval Academy in the field of Computer Science and served for one year in the Polish Army only to be able to take part in the project for the development of artificial intelligence technology.

Today she is the director of the Marketing Agency Candidates Attraction Academy, trains in the field of Social Media Marketing, Recruitment Good Practice and Team Management. Organiser of the Business Club Birmingham and Founder of the Social Media Club in Europe.